Welcome to Napolis Italian Bistro

The chefs at Napoli's pan cook every sauce for every plate. Marinara is prepared fresh every morning, and bread rolls are made fresh throughout every day. Whether you like pasta, pizza, sandwiches, seafood, or real Italian desserts, you will leave full, and probably with a tempting to-go container. Enjoy!

About Eddie

Growing up in Italy and around the Mediterranean Sea, Eddie was raised in kitchens. As a teenager, he jumped on the opportunity to visit New York with his brother-in-law, who happened to own a small restaurant in Manhattan. When a little help was needed in the kitchen, Eddie volunteered, and the rest is history.


Since that first trip to the Big Apple, Eddie's hard work and attention to quality food have propelled him to be one of the best in his field. With four restaurants and one sports bar in the Dallas area, two restaurants in Italy, and more on the horizon, the "Godfather of Sauce" is making his mark. All plates are prepared with fresh ingredients, made per order, and include generations of passed down secret family recipes.


Naploi's Italian Bistro is now taking applications for waitstaff positions. Naploli's offers a great working environment with plenty of great customers.